For Frank Gonzales

Hello, good people. As you’ll see in the comments section, a reader is looking for one of the good people who wrote into the PoemCatcher book. Frank Gonzales offered a lovely poem for his mother, which you can find in the section “From Afar.” This moving poem has touched some readers, who’d like to use it in making some artwork. I confess, i’ve never met Frank Gonzales. I hope, Mr. Gonzales, you might read this post and get in touch with Giselle, who wrote it.

I’ve posted the poem in its entirety, as it was written into the Poem Catcher. It may be that this is the entire poem, or an excerpt. I’ve no way of knowing otherwise, so i assume Mr. Gonzales wrote the poem; however, i know people often quote other writers, and this may well be a poem well known in some Spanish-speaking community. If so, please let me know.

Here, for those of you who don’t read Spanish, is my kick at translating this lovely poem (with apologies for any rough-and-ready aspects apparent in my Spanish, and yes, write in with suggested improvements):

“Poema a la Madre” Poem to The Mother

Madrecita pobre y buena, Beloved Mama, humble and good

Que en silencio me formaste … who has taught me in silence

Tus inmensos sacrificios no comprendo todavia, I still don’t comprehend your immense sacrifices

Sólo sé que vas viviendo de trabajos madre mia. I only know that you live ever working, my mother.

Madrecita yo por eso quiero ser trabajador, Mama, because of that, i want to be a worker

A tu lado por tu vida madre mia at your side, for all your life, my mother, 

quiero ser, i want to be

tu Luchador … your Warrior

por tu vida y por la mia for your life and for my own

eso ha de ser mi honor … this must be my honour…

Att. Frank Gonzalez, Spanish/Mexican, Jan 23rd, 2012

Translated: AMSewell, April 15, 2015

It’s rewarding to know that people are still being touched by the words that so many of you took the time to put down, and that the PoemCatcher is still connecting people’s hearts and dreams in poetry.

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