I did not ask for poems. I am so delighted that people offered so many, and such an array of perspectives. Here is a sampling, from writers known among the poetry community, and from many others who are not known poets, but who reveal that the call to versify afflicts us all – birds sing, we make poetry.

Our own mayor was the first to send a poem for the installation. I want to thank everyone who wrote poems. I am sorry i haven’t put every single one of them in here. I’ve kept them, though, and if you don’t see yours, please let me know, and we’ll see about getting it on this page.



Silently waiting

At the edge

Of twilight


Eyes of peace

Stare through

The crowd.

Open minds

See the

Posssibilitites –

Dance along

The crimson

Edge –

Echoes falling…

Ryan Baier



The otherside

Spins through –


Our hopes

Are blue.

Walk to the

Edge of


Hand in hand,

The stars shine

Bright in our


– Ryan Baier


An Alberta blue sky

Holds wispy clouds above the buildings

The hopes and prayers of us below?

Next day they’re gone, but blue remains

Has God taken them up for consideration?

And then a grey day hanging,

Caught on spires and antennae

Drooping down dimly dark depressing.

Pushing my spirit lower

Lowering skies.

But tomorrow – ah!

Again the blooming blue!

– F.W. Magee


Edmonton l’automne

Hilton l’automne

Tout comme manger une soupe wontong

Tout comme danser le reggaeton

Marjolaine Blais, Rimouski, 23 Sept 2011


The jewel gleam of City

Hall from across the river

at night – like a rare blue


Sounds of sharp skate blades

as skaters take to the rink

at WEM’s Ice Palace. And later

in the week, the rink is

transformed for Chinese New


– anonymous


The sky was cloudy

I held my hand like a nest

For a lonely snowflake

I kept looking at it like a lover

Until it melted down …

I recognised it was a drop of

Water of a spring of my city


– Dashti


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Though I am an atheist

I believe

In the healing power of love,




And justice.

Above all  – reason and awareness.

Please enjoy the rituals and celebrations

That help to define who you are

As an individual and

A community.

Unless it divides, attacks,

Marginalizes and oppresses.

Then I must speak out.

– Bruce Plante


The Human Race

Valentines are on display

Before the Christmas glitter fades

While Easter bunnies stock-room piled

Wait their turn to line the aisles.

St Patricks’s, Mother’s, Father’s Days

Propel the months along the way

Rushing us past Hallowe’en

Through New Year’s open door again.

Oversold force-fed man

Seduced by artificial plans

No time to tune-out programmed mirth

And hear the heartbeat of the earth.

– JA Hawkins


Two spirited, I am

The old folks in my

Life (native) called me

Two spirited,

I call me self


Of course

Society must put a

Label to me. So be


I am.


– Jasmine S.


He! She! Me!

They now call me transgender

Labels to let the world

Know who, what, i

Am – never found an

Answer as to, why?

That’s for another high level

Of spirited data, me.

He, She, Me.

– Jasmine S.


Haikus are easy

But sometimes they

Don’t make sense


– Carter H


I wail, I wail

City council works like a snail

They fail, they flail

Their ideas grow stale

Like ragdolls,

They flail, flail, flail, and ultimately, fail.

(Dedicated to Stephen Mandel and his circus)

– Daniel, December 1, 2011



Speaks in little whispers

And great, gawping roars

It sings its angst in arias to the homeless

Inviting me to wonder

Just that


– John Leppard


As fast as you are on Top of the World, it can be the End.

Just listen.

Watch the water glisten

And breathe in the air …

Allow the wind to blow through your hair.

It makes you want to reminisce.

There’s no place so serene,

It makes you feel like a queen.

Unlimited possibilities, forces you to think

Of your responsibilities.

No matter what you are going throught,

Don’t forget that you will be able to pursue

Your hopes. Never be afraid to climb

Those slopes.

The beauty of nature is on your side,

You just have to take pride.

Everything is transforming.

That thought is unbelievably warming,

Knowing that whatever mistakes we make,

We just have to give and take.

Because as fast as you are on top of the world,

You can drop & it can be the end.

– Victoria Kwan



The winter buries Edmonton, and still its

People walk the white streets.

Edmonton endures.

The ice melts for the last time, and things

are just as they were left in October,

down to the discarded candy wrappers.

Edmonton has endured.

Summer is too brief

But Edmonton will endure.

– Cynthia Bale


“There is a river …”

Reverse dialysis

Columbia Icefield’s glacial melting

pure, fresh, cold

assumes the character of the towns

it flows through.

Entering Edmonton, it defines us.

Murky sediment – friction’s evidence

it carves out a green oasis.

Cleansed again it is pumped through pipe and falls.

A High Level waterfall

delights and arouses the heart.

– B. Plante


Love Light or The Many Ways that They Made Light

He was a firefly

She was a spark

He was a moonbeam

She, a candle flame

He was a chandelier

And she was a hurricane lamp

He was a torch beam

She, a lantern’s gleam

He was a lighthouse

She was a beacon

She was the North Star

He, a stud in Orion’s Belt

He was the Winter Solstice

She, the Summer Solstice

He was the Northern Lights

She was a Lunar Eclipse

He was a prism

And she was a rainbow

He was forked lightning

She was sheet lightning

He was the Milky Way

She, a Solar Eclipse

He was a twinkle

She, a sparkle

He was moonlight, and she, oh

She was twilight.

He glistened and she gleamed

He was Flint

And She was Steel.

Dawn and Dusk are an

unlikely pair, but

High Noon is their lovechild.

– Naomi McIlWraith


“Day is Good”

Day is good every day is good

Day is good summer days are fun

Day is good fall is change days

Day is good winter is days are sleeping and at rest

Day is good spring day come alive

New full of life

Day is good every day is good.

– Istvan (Steven) Wenglasz


March 28, 2012

Islet Lake – September 8, 2011

The lake an obsidian mirror,

black magic and a moon

hangs suspended –

a beacon beaming.

Three beaver circle the canoes.

Ducks and drakes run on the lake, tap

their wing tips on the surface

readying themselves for flight

and we are fleetingly no longer

on still water, but

on running water.

Waterfowl and a waterfall.

An owl hoots in the woods.

Jupiter, a shy one, rises hesitantly

in the east. Northern Lights

straight above our heads

as we hoist canoes on top

of cars. How can we not gaze

at them in delight!

A blazing performance of green

and purple light rippling across the sky

like applause and back again

converging into the wings of angels.

Rope tying momentarily stayed

as one teen shouts, “Hey! Look!”

and the sky grabs us all

by the collar, forcing

six awestruck paddlers

to stare at the fireworks.

December, dark cave

and the January moon

is a spelunker’s headlamp

that helps us see ourselves

to the other side

of the abyss.

– Naomi McIlwraith


March 28, 2012

As it is:

I sit, I watch,

I see, I hear.

The colours change

and mother earth

creeps to life

after a long sleep

-Spring, as it is.

Jasmine Sutherland

April 4th, 2012


Your Kingdom

Invite the power of the Kingdom

Your kingdom.

You’re a prince, a son of a King.

Live as a king here.

Create your own kingdom

Abundance, abiding therein.

Commit to your wealth

Flowing from the font

Of Wisdom,

Filling the fortress,

Formidable, functional, faithful.

Produce plenty

Pouring a plethora

Pressured      protruding

Pierces poverty

Playfully         plentiful.

Flowing force, filling

Fun formidable

Unending, uncreated

Unwrapping unknowns,

Bearing fruit.


Timofiy Hawrysh



She stops and sits

To pen a few

Alone again

Alone again

I walk alone

I sit alone

I dream alone

How long do I stay


“yes he’s at home

no, he’s not interested

in me or what

surrounds me,

my thoughts

my hopes

my prayers.

– Jasmine S.



Sure I have a boyfriend

He sits at home


Watches TV


I try to include him

In walks, talks, dreams

Not interested is the

Feelings I get

So I must look elsewhere

But I don’t want to

I must with God’s

Help, strength,

Guidance, I will

Make it.

– Jasmine

Hope it gets better Jasmine! Wishing you the best,

Rena & Brian



It’s the city that never darkens

It’s the city that promises

It’s the city that cares

It’s the city …

I convey my gratitude

It’s the city of white solitude.

– Chandau


Ode to the Aurora

On a velvet sky

In a midnite sea of jewels

The sun whispers its secrets

To those with an eye to see

And the heart to feel

Sing on oh glorious sweet sun

For the sons of men

Will hear you

In the cool of the nite

Past the midnite hour.

– anon


Our city:

Buildings tower above me,

Snow falls to the ground

All around me I see

People rushing around

Either to work or for fun

Edmonton shines alike the sun

I love my city

Through thick and thin


– Kara Arnett



The best poem is triumphant quicksand –


Each line is a shocking discovery

That sucks one in and down,

Finding a result spicy, slippery, and warm

And gritty –

To arrive – to get – in this splendid predicament

Of absorption

To feel it –

With the finesse of a lawyer-

Is to be open to baksheesh and backtalk

And truth

As authentic as the anus.

In Edmonton, you’ll find this appreciation

For absolute absorption

As if falling into, diving into,

The dream-catcher that is imagination.

– George Elliott Clarke


The sun shines

The leaves flutter in the wind

The river flows

To never forget.

– Norma Kim


Light blue butterfly

Flying on the tree

Flutter butterfly

– Roshan Hassan


Hidden in the quiet

There is you and me

Tightly embracing

All the wrongs away

Don’t forget the good times

Forgive the bad

And we’ll be okay.

– a beautiful heart


roses are red

violets are blue

my love for you is true – anon


The place of Edmonton

Bright in the morning I see the tall

Buildings of Edmonton. Better I get

To see the buildings take my advice

Go outside and explore Edmonton.

By Aya Kerbova


osprey feather pen – osprey is the story-telling bird of the Mi’gmaq


I am so proud of the way “we” work as Edmontonians – a ‘can do’ attitude, a willingness to get together, create innovative strategies to address community needs and community dreams. The We is many people and many organisations and many system partners (police, City departments, provincial government, health, etc) Safer Cities – Safedmonton – REACH Edmonton

What a great city we live in!  – anon, Sept 13/11


Edmonton is simply the best city in the world with such things as the new renovation of the international airport. This makes it highway to the stars, planets and so on. I am a financier and this is my head office with holdings internationally set so that I may play at my own free will. I will close in saying thank you. Love, Leslie (RL Sax?)

Edmonton, you’re the best

After you’ve experienced

The best,

To heck with the rest.

– Joan L.


negative – people are, can’t be(illegible), trusted, not al of them!

Positive – people aren’t bad their behaviour is bad and behaviour can be changed.

– anonymous philosopher



Here I sit thinking

Why oh why do

People even

Try day by day,

Just because

They have to, but

Being bored is no


So just be Happy.



Catch me If you can

Catch me if you can,

But you’d better be a man.

No boys,

With toys,

Remember I can run,

And it won’t be for fun.

If you’re in it for thrills,

You’ll be footing the bill

Or head for the hills.

– Joan L.

Love you Edmonton!


An Idea!

How about Edmonton getting advice from ‘big oil money’ in Calgary, and a loan of $100 million, to get the Downtown Arena on the road. – anonymous


Here begins the story of Marie and Michael. North and South. Dark and light. Cielo y estrella.

There is no up without down

No right without wrong

No balance without 2 …

(Michael Lutz? agrees)


The open heart says

Come Love be with me, let’s live

Love shifts turns, says yes

Love shifts says No.

– anonymous


Hi! I live in Edmonton.


26th September/2011


Everyday people

Living playing helping

Working Everyday People;



time of your clock

and your education that

ruins(?) our world

– you couldn’t use to (?)

by standing in a parking lock

you get adapted

to your reson(reason?)

of preservation

an you reason of preservation

– anonymous


Sept 28/2011

The leaves are god and red and yellow

I am feeling kind of mellow

In this vast structure, airy and light

I’ll come again to this lovely site.

– anonymous


I’m on a boat(beat?)

It’s new to me

Flatt and spikey

Edmonton – Eine Schöne stadt!

Trés, trés bel!

– anonymous


Si tan solo pudieras estar

If only you could be

Not matter what you are always here with me

Yo sé que decir, tu estas acqui.

– William Gordon


I once fell in love in Edmonton …

When you are in love,

Take in all the joy and experience the bliss

Because when and if that love leaves

You will understand the value of what you miss.

– anonymous



When the last leaves fall

Golden red I love them all

They tickle feet and hands and chin

I pile them up and jump right in.

– C & E Block


This is the first time in this lovely city. I like here very much.


Edmonton my home.


England my home and place


Edmonton is my life saver –


Warm August days that bring

Early morning due

And the concomittment  smells

Of flowers trees and the

City smells.


I watched birds fly over

Through the triangles

Gene Dub, the man who

Thought them spun his


And the same purple lights

Flashed up and turned

To green.

Metropolis is coming!

– Sandy VanR__



So invigorating

Intoxicating, awe-inspiring,





Too modest

What cities should be

… safe

… caring


– Christine U___ & Gail Powely U ___


Today I’m here with Stephen Ward

And it is a Gurreat Day! Yay! It is October 8, 2011

Mary La – Mary LaLa


My brain needs to rest,

Because it’s like a desk,

Very unclean,

But shines like a beam,

A ray from the sun,

But messy like a bun,

My hair is gold, but doesn’t smell like mold,

People are dumb, very much like bums,

So it tell them to go away, and never come

Back another day, and so I put

My head down, and don’t make

A sound, and my brain

Starts to sleep, where

The thoughts are so


– Kate


What are we doing her?

Chilling like a villain

With ma good friends

I give thanks on this fine day

It is cold outside

But that’s okay

Because I’m wearing a sweater

Do you like my poem?

Cause I do

– Joanna

Hi Joanna

It’s me

Conrad Bull

U don’t know me; I don’t know u. peace. Nechi and Guy


in an infinite space

space disappears

becomes a theory:

in an infinite universe

love disappears, doesn’t it?

Does love ever die?

-Lee Tokohopie

-Naomi Bullchild

-Trudy Carlson – sure enuff, love lives 4ever.

We’re aboriginals as defined

By the limits of those

Wishful beliefs – eloquently

Placed in that other display.


tangled up in blue

I live downtown here!!!

– anonymous


My Market

By Coffey (Oct 15, 2011)

The smell of fresh food drives me

Capture that moment and be free

Locally raised, grown and produced

Rarely rotten, spoiled or bruised

If you haven’t tried it, you must

Cause we need our customers or go bust.


Ricardo was here and he likes the City Hall. He will come back tomorrow for marrying Sandra and Anita aka Patricia Arquette and Marion Cotillard aka The Swiss Twins!

Renate will be the justice of peace … Thanks,


Angelica was here. Thanks Edmonton for everything.

October 16, 2011


Oct 17, 2011

When I think of Edmonton I think of beautiful lakes and mountains by the lakes.

-Ember, age 5

Starwars, videogames and TV (my home is here) – Jack, age 7

Edmonton, Deadmonton

Dirt on the streets

Litter in gutters

The boredom repeats

I’ve always been here

Probably always will stay

Edmonton, Deadmonton

Won’t go away – Mom

p.s. mountains of snow.


Read and Heed

If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything\

If you’re going to fall, fall for God. – Joan L.


Ah, the Edmonton river valley in Fall,

Bursting with burnt orange, red, yellow

Fragrance of rotting leaves.

Sights, smells bringing me straight

As an arrow, back to my childhood self,

Tumbling in leaves, hot dogs sizzling on

The grill – stolen by hungry

Seagulls hovering over the hot red

Coals that contrast the cold-tinged

Air of Fall … in the river valley.

– anonymous


I wish to succeed and become a better person in life. – Hubba


Music Makes Edmonton – a diagram on page 99


Wicihitowin – all together –


Thanks for all your good work to better Our Community!

– Kenneth Young Chief



The city is always a place to go. I look outside and I always see the river flow.

– Shawnassie (11)


When I think of Edmonton I think of:

Varied cultures, a beautiful river valley and a place yet to be discovered.


crisp blue winter skies


when I need you:


I love the people who can’t afford a car, or are too smart to drive one. They take the city bus or LRT. It gets you where you want to go much safer and faster – no gas no insurance no nail-biting just sit back and smell the odor…


Like a coat of many colours

We are a city, a province

Of many colours

How will we weave the

Tapestry of our different lives

To form and grow and try not

To leave many holes in

Our coat of many colours.


My name is Tim

And I love E-town

And Jenna Jacques


Today, Eric and Alvin came here. We celebrate our 9th anniversary with Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. Today, it’s Sunday.


Once upon a time there was a boy with an artist’s eye… the things he will build will not be passed by. – Kristopher


Nov 7, 2011


Here I live with a open heart …

To all who imagine the best of Edmonton in the everydays of our lives, I bring you the warmth, energy and the enlightenment that shines in all of Edmonton’s glowing hearts. – Cody Joseph Auigbelle


A View Not So Pretty

Some days I am fascinated, in awe of the surroundings I call home. Lately, and a word I’ve carried really ever not so lately.

Some monumental beauties are buried! And that’s not just the start. A valley where really lies my heart is covered in not only shit we call trash. Don’t mind me please if I’m being what old fogies call rash. Even things lie everywhere that – could be called ‘green.’

I really hope that through my eyes you could see the things I’ve seen. Realizations of a world we appreciate and in world, I mean, I’ve thought.

I’ve lately stopped trying to hold onto my stubborn ways. Littering, yes, I think I’ve been caught.

And a sense of horrifying inner guilt has brought to myself and I can’t deny why maybe to Capital City Edmonton I may say goodbye.

Because sometimes it feels like just I who cleans up others’ messes. This is my view and it’s one of my many stresses.

I’m frustrated at the lack of recycling and really can’t stand garbage everywhere. We should love the planet that gives us our energy to survive, live, love, laugh. Also the energy for our continuation. – J. Jacques

Jacques, how I agree with you! This beautiful city is covered in litter. Only 700 volunteers (I am one of them) clean up. Not my dirt, but that of others. For 5 years now. – Rena Ostertag


If we have no money, don’t worry be happy, as long as we have government and city councilors they will come up with something like a Gatz hockey rink I am

74 ½ years old. So to me it won’t matter, because I am on ASA

Iff we have no monny

Don’t were bee happy

As long as wey have gowerment

And city consulers they will come

Up with somting like a gats hocke ring

I am 74 ½ years old. So to me

It won’t matter, because I am on ASA – Alex


Just a minute

She stops by her favourite

Loo stop…

Jasmine S.


May your adventure keep you in good health – Loretta Spilchen


Its me Guy

Just saying hi

Oh the wife’s calling

Gotta go bye…

– Guy C.


being kind isn’t hard

keeping it up is


This may not be a “poem” per say (sic). But as I am here today, I’d like to say

Remember who you are

The days will pass, things will

Change. But you shall stay the same

The way you react and handle the

Thinks life throw to you may differ

Through life, but remember who you

Are because your soul always

Remains the same.

– Jessy Lee Hanson


through the window

of body, heart and soul

spirit moves freely

– illegible


I did my time

On the streets of this city

In the brothels of no hope

40 years came and went

many, many sunsets ignored.

Yet when I get my smokes

I feel rich.

Contracts are made to be

Broken, and minds are meant

To be cherished at the bottom

Of an empty glass of ale.



May the Creator Bless Us All

I was a/ and am a 60’s Scoop Child (one of Aboriginal Children adopted to various countries), a lot like Residential School Survivors.

I came home to my Reservation long ago to find myself and to heal start to heal my traditions, culture, roots. I grew up in USA. Highschool NYC! Was a good cultural up-bringing but missed what my heart and Red Path brought me home to!!

Since these years in/our of Edmonton, much change … Need more help for those that ask, homeless, programs, a friendly hello not discriminate … too much to say, yet Edmonton reach out to us/those that sincerely ask for a smile help. …

– Lee Desjarlais AKA Gloria Denechoan(?)


Family Day, 2012

I hear children giggling

And playing and mom

Yelling, put your skates

Up or else.

The day is sunny

A bit nippy, but, hey, it’s Feb 20

And really, no snow to fear of.

Alone again, naturally.

– Jasmine


May the Creator by with U in all your endeavours.

Love Always

Emilee (Candora Society)


I come to see my family here in Edmonton and enjoy all the fun things to do. I love you all. Nonna Pauline Lote


Picnic at Poet Laureate Table

By Marcella, Jim, Sharon, Wendy, Will

In city hall

This day in fall

Marcella, Jim, Sharon, Wendy, & Will

Lunched ‘til we had our fill

Upon this table of books

Regardless of strange looks

Tummies full and slouched in chairs

‘neath the Chamber stairs.


As we work along, w are planting the seeds of something bigger than you and me. – anon


I dream of a place where the air shakes off at the end of a cool dip sounds like spirit. – anon


Edmonton is so much more than Oilers hockey and Eskimos football. I would love to see/hear poems that reflect Edmonton’s artistic and cultural diversity. We are bold, innovative people, Citizens of the Winter, the North Saskatchewan, the Land. Thanks for listening. – CM, Dec 2011


I love Edmonton! People are very nice here. The children’s choir are pure. I’m moved to tears. Whether you’re rich or poor, where do you come from, what language you speak, people are more equal than many other places in the world.

I hope Edmonton will be better in the new year. – ??


I don’t know how I missed this place. It’s so lovely. – Kristine


Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

Lots of Love, Serena from Australia


Many more Merry Christmases – how many?


Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year 2012 – A&W Wharton


I want to say that in times of need I have found people (some people) to be great and kind souls to them I wish them and theirs Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Wish there was more of them.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012. And let’s hope the World Doesn’t End!


whirring wheels stir leaves

while running shoes powdered brown

river valley trails

– AJ Reitsma & Joy Percival


Happy thoughts and happy wishes to everyone in (edmonton) ab. Love ya all!


special people, special thoughts, on a special evening…


great time had by all, West Edmonton Mall


Stop look listen

Outside is so loud

Winter blahs, no snow

It’s January

We the world is warming

Up, and all we do is

Worry – Jasmine



energy of healing









NB – stuff I don’t understand, including:

Most of all time

To absorb informations


ingenuity generates spacial paucity


well what can someone really do for another

another that does not care for another

I try my best


First New Years Eve in Edmonton, City did a beautiful job! Drove down from Fort McMurray to spend New Year’s Eve here, originally from Penticton BC. Great Job! Alberta has been good to us. Proud to be Canadian! Happy New Year!

2011 – Bev & Jody Pierce


One day, everyone will hug like teenage girls and wars and fights will be no more. (picture with two stick girls, ‘hay! I love you!’)


This is your life!

Do what you love, and do it often

If you don’t like something, quit,

If you wanna do something, just

Do it! Life is too short to say

No. Say Yes to every opportunity, DREAM BIG

And you will concour anything! (except, evidently, spelling)


Love – Amanda Magyar


Isi was here. Straight outta Naija!!!


Canada – Loving It!

– Julia


Dream it, catch it, live the webs of your life,

Drooping down, taught and tough,

Lip service, books stacked high

Acting as limbs for a table

Ye olde  Father X-mas is shining

Up the nose of his favourite hoofed-up

Spark plug. – Carl


Edmonton is always home

Over the seasons and years

No matter how far I’ved roamed

I’ve had joy and tears

Sunshine and shadows

Highs and lows

Deep in my heart I’ve

Always know,

There’s this place

Called Edmonton

My home.

– Karen K.


Edmonton City Hall

Is great, hope ever thing goes well! – Ronald K ___


“Aboriginals are here. We are not forgotten. Here we stand, for the rights of our people. For the right to an education. We will not be silenced. We will be heard. “ – unknown

Our voice might have been forgotten long ago but now here we stand, strong united and ready to go – SJL

I am on this with you

Soaya SCP


I (HEART) my city. Was gone for two years, but am glad to be home.


Edmonton is a decent city and I love it – Agnes


When I think of Edmonton, I think of…

– The River Valley, fresh air, green, nature

– Whyte Ave, energising, pulsing with activity

– a sense of community – familiar faces everywhere I go

– U of A, nice grounds, proud to be an alumnus

– bitter cold winters – can’t have Christmas without that bite and lots of snow

– active, nature-loving Edmontonians

– hockey, of course

– I think of Edmonton as a very compact, energised, yet calm kind of city. I (heart) Edmonton, proud to be Albertan.  PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS – Patti Kim


listening, swinging, skating

forever relating

to the sounds of crowds

and watching downtown clouds

floating in the air.


As I pass through these halls

I think of all

Your work is appreciated!

Best city in the world.


Kendal Csak


When I think of Edmonton, I wonder why Mondays are days without culture? I wonder why the river is bereft of love and life? I revel in the idea that snow removal is discouraged as an anti-green plot to support automobiles, and a ploy to encourage public transit. I bemoan the connection between intellectuals and oilmen, and police and First Nations. When I think of Edmonton, I think of opportunities lost, and I hope for LRT to the airport, and rapid rail to Jasper, so that Edmonton will actually join the future of Northern cities. – anon


June 6, 2012

What Edmonton is to me …

To me, Edmonton is home. It’s comfort, warmth and familiarity. While I could always live somewhere else, I could never abandon my home completely. Of course, if I grew up in Maastricht or Buenos Aires, I would probably think the exact same of those places.

However, I do think Edmonton has a lot of warts that need to be addressed to make this place truly awesome and a place I’d stay not just for family, friends, familiarity, and a few great things here and there, but for the city itself in its entirety.

I am tired of stereotypes and misconceptions about Edmonton, both from outsiders and sadly, Edmontonians themselves. There is greatness here, such as Whyte Ave’s character, underground LRT, a gorgeous river valley, beautiful source of community, an accepting society, and a vast array of (summer) festivals. However, I believe that there is even greater potential here that is untapped due to, in my opinion, a whole lot of bureaucracy and the conflict of a changing mindset in Edmonton – Here are, in my opinion, some things that would go a long way in making better ( and I know not all of which can be done soley through municipal gov’t):

– Arena District. It seems like this would be the catalyst for a vibrant downtown. Get it down, with a proper design, and people and businesses shall come.

– Rossdale redevelopment. I love the natural state that the river valley is currently, but we need some human development to better connect ourselves to our river valley.

– LRT to all major parts of the city to give better transport options to our citizens and make it easier to reduce our dependence on private vehicles.

– Properly promote ourselves better to Canada and the world (and I don’t just mean West Edmonton Mall). Calgary does it, Winnipeg does it, Montréal does it, practically every other major Canadian city does. Why don’t I hear about the Fringe or Taste of Edmonton on the national news, or see adverts promoting Edmonton outside AB?

– further investment in the arts (just not on a freeway)

– continued revitalisation of 124 ST, the Quarters, Warehouse District, East Whyte Ave, and Alberta Ave.

– continued investment in education, including promoting families in central Edmonton so that our city doesn’t have to stop using existing infrastructure in lieu of more money wasted on new infrastructure way out in unsustainable burbs.

– address the Indian Act so that Aboriginals, of which(sic) there are a lot in Edmonton, can have better opportunities and a standard of living the rest of us enjoy.

– higher architectural standards. Generic new condos in Toronto and Vancouver are better than 90% of our new condos.

– more and higher quality festivals in the winter and fall.

– heated streets on popular roads such as Jasper Ave, Whyte Ave, 101 St, and 124 St to promote pedestrians when it gets below -10C …

– anonymous

AMS says, What impresses me about the entry above is that somebody took a lot of time to write 5 pages, longhand, very cleanly and legibly, to make these points about what our city needs. It is something worth thinking about, that someone took that time.



need porta potties in the hood – anonymous


home doesn’t exist if there is no Love.


I zoom around, spin in circles

Cruise around the block

Every turn, every pedal

Feels like home to me.

– Karly


The year according to a certain tribe of Aztec believe we are at an end in life

– I say the wize Aztec shaman of old knew and felt Mother Earth a lot more intense and a lot more connected to her and so she shares a little secret to these wise ‘medicine men,’ 2012 December 21 – I believe is the beginning of the end

of all the ideas in our world, I believe yes the world as we know it is at a different, spin adjustments will be made

but as a modern day shaman


I believe god has other plans. – Jasmine


Jan 12, 2012

We came for the Ice City with our 6 yr old nephew but it’s closed until 4 pm, so we quietly played ‘City Hall’ where he adjusted property taxes, heard complaints and promised more snow clearing even though there is no snow just now.

Sincerely, Fern Bentz and Parker. – Thanks a lot.


Daniel McGilvrey is a fugly street scrub drunk God help him. – Wend

(with sad face, and later scribbled out entirely in pencil)


edmo munny blues

the haves

have not a clue

grew up grunge

grow old to bathe with sponge

my pain my joy

all here

seen west coast lushness

and flatland crustiness

and people from

all the world

– no one knows

no one says,

first people

are the canadian culture,

but edmo will

reveal in time

– smiley face


Feb, 2012

I am waiting, how long will I wait?

Won’t leave me much time, I’m in a bad state

Where is he? Will he love me forever?

I think I go to lunch now, whatEVER!

Edmonton is a great place, but I am

Still so lonely!

-Melanie N.

one of the loneliest to hold a pen. (sad face)

I think? – March 23, 2012

Yay! He’s back! Put this pen

Down, and then? (happy face) – Melanie N.


Dearest E-town,

My name is Timothy Jackson

Last night was awesome!

Sam Gayner tied Gretzky’s record for points in a single game – 8 points!

Proud to be from E-town!

Sincerely yours!

– Tim J


Toronto is my birthplace,

But Edmonton is

My spirit.


Dear Libbie Bethune

I will love you forever

And for always!

– Love Jairus xoxo


A poem is a few words from the heart that is meant for someone special. It has hidden meanings which is wonderful for the individual who it is for.

– Brenda + B____


City of Champions we are

All people know from afar

Not only is it the city

But all people are in Unity

Yay we are the champions

Of the world!!

In peace and harmony – VWT


Family Day – Edmonton

Gave us a chance to



Make memories


Everything we needed right

In the heart of the square!

THANK YOU! (Hearts) (make this in puffy coloured text)



WHAT DOES this city WANT from ME.

Walking the City streets hearing horns

Calm like the

SAND. DO you

Here the beezs

Buzzing the


The dogs





February 16, 2012, 6:30 p.m.

I personally find it disgraceful, that four (4) stacks of books are used as table legs, to support this table i.e.: “the symbolism of this sight could be taken both negatively or positively;” I see it as negative and I would surmise, that the writers of these four (4) stacks of authorship and very difficult endeavour (to produce a book of the written word – in my opinion, “the greatest of gifts to mankind by the Creator,” in very poor taste). That is, they are utilized as table legs!

“Just my opinion”,

William Archie Baldwin, B. Ed/

And Ord.


my reply:

Thanks, Mr. Baldwin, for sharing your opinion. To you, and anyone else disturbed by the books as legs, please note these books were salvage; they had been discarded. Now they are again in service to writing.


Anna Marie Sewell


a place supposedly dead

til you look in the cracks

beneath the snow.

a marvellous time poking around and simply enjoying…


Gravity Pope! NB – Independents plus chains


Late summer nights – when DOES the sun go down?!


the bus system is my part of the city

it’s the way I get from place to place

or where I can go to think, to see new places

to meet new people

it’s how I’ve stayed sane

I don’t know much about the place by it have a map of it in my head, or all the places I’ve seen and want to go.

Straight lines,

Predictable routes.


38 years your loyal citizen


an image snapped quickly

showed all the greatness in her

a flower


river valley at sunset from high level


Thank you Edmonton City for your good work, for this program, for your good work – Riyadh Maqsood and her children, Safiya, Rahmah and Mohammed


Taste of Edmonton is AWESOME!


Edmonton is not California.

We all know that. – Deniz Alper, age 10


the tiger turned to dragon

the boy grew to lancer

the girl grew to woman, and loved them both.

The girl died

The boy cried

The tiger was still hungry – Reale Roderick Redlance


Edmonton is an iceberg… our deep joy in the brief explosion of life.

– Mireille Eaton


Walk in the river valley. The grand vista of our Legislature building. Paths into curious pasts, through the woods.

Pride. Diversity. Edmonton – S.V.


Edmonton: as all places in the world, this, too, is a place.

People, buildings, lives, love, food, whatever … it’s happening here.

And everywhere.

So what gives?

I guess we can just be anywhere

And if we could be literally

Any where in the world this time tomorrow …

… why aren’t we there now?

Why are we here? Why did we choose this place?

And why don’t we just unchoose it?

Where would you be if you could be anywhere?

Go there now.

– Mandy


light, vibrant,

a pulse shoots forth

illuminating the falling dusk.

A star, caught in a web of sparkling

Silver strands, stands

Testament to desire

Dark, gloomy waters churn

Beneath my feet, heat at

By the ingenuity of man

Together, a sympathy

A spectacle of man,

Banishes the

Falling cold.

Winter is come,

Alive, and full of joy.

– Isaac Wiznura


My dear left-handed fellows

… the only way to write the truth

is to write it with the left hand.

This page is flawed, since it is for the right,

But there is still truth here since all left know

How hard it is to write on the right.

Write on, fellow Lefties, write on. – Max


bridges that cross a river

with the name of another province.

– anon


tourists in the town

ran through the fountain outside,

it was very cold.

– anon


I am a story in myself,

I am a souvenir of where I go

My stories are memoirs of where I’ve been.

My memories are a reminder of what I’ve done

And who I am will be my legend.

– anon


Everyone is equal even though no one is the exact same. Here we are where there is a lot of greed and not everyone knows how to share, but if you look around you and you realise that it is worth it to help people out because when your turn comes to need help that you won’t be left out you will have truly learned something worthwhile  that will last you a lifetime of happiness. The government needs  to start helping  their own people who are homeless and jobless and cannot work at all. They need to try to be homeless and jobless and see how it feels to be us on the streets and most all the government should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done in the past for what they are doing presently and for what they are doing to the Aboriginal people in the future! I love my family and friends!! – Sarah B.


When we think about Edmonton, we think of beautiful bridges, coupled rabbits running for their lives, extraordinary wild rose growing close to my fence. Geese saying goodbye to come back next spring. The mountains that reach high and the fluffy snow on the top of the sky. – Koshita and Carlitos

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