From Afar



Edmonton took me in.

I was so scared at first

The City changed me,

Weather, language, the city itself.

I am so comfy now

I feel at ease.

When I came to this country

I felt lost. No friends,

No job, no one to talk to

I am no longer lost for i

Found something to look forward to!!

Thanks, Edmonton!!

– Cesar Hernandez, Mexico City.



The above is the message from my mother, a 55-year-old lady. She said, “I’m from Guangzhou, China. I love this city very much once I set foot on the soil.”

– Translated by Phoenix


My first visit to Edmonton since the early 1980s … and memories return – playing Dungeons & Dragons with a friend’s precocious, early-teenage son, when D & D was still a board game.

Sharing drinks and stories with the director of Citadel Theatre when it was one of the hearts of Edmonton’s culture.

Drinking in pubs with Edmonton poets …

And then driving to Jasper.

And riding in a taxi from the airport a few days ago, at night, I had the strangely beautiful sensation of driving into Alexandria (Egypt), off the desert, last fall – the way the lights are cast across the two cites and nightscapes.

– Richard Lemm, Charlottetown, PEI August 28, 2012

We are from Germany/Hannover.

Canada is so different from Germany, but very beautiful!

Love Karoline and Dilara


Hallo – wir auch!

We are from Germany too. We live at present here in Edmonton, otherwise in Nuremberg.  – Sascha, Renate, and Nala

p.s. Canada is great! Edmonton’s River Valley is gorgeous. The City should advertise for it more all over Europe. Go for it Edmonton!

The City Airport is unique. Edmontonians are lucky to have it so close. Hamburg’s is in the city too. However, a lot further away from the City Hall. Prima! Wunderbar Edmonton!



Wir machen einen trip von Vancouver nach Edmonton. Das Rathaus gefällt uns gut. Deutschland ist anders als Kanada, doch Kanada gefällt uns besser.

– Alex und Annika


I am from Germany. It is so cool here and I have really much fun!

Love Tony


An wem, der dast liest und versteht. Lebe glücklich, werde alt bis die welt in stück knaltt (2012) – Hans


What’s up Canada!

My name is Siar and I am a boy. I am a exchange student from Germany. Canada is awesome. The school is funnier than German ones. No in fact Canada is amazing.

By Siar Nezamie

P.S. Why is it called “poemcatcher”? I didn’t write a poem.

PPS. What’s with that symbol?

That is a dreamcatcher. It comes from Aboriginal history. – anon


I am a Vietnamese

– I wanna be the very best man that no one ever was.


Into this world of order

I marvel, delight and gasp …

Coming as I from chaotic India …

I take back lovely images

And lots of laughter!!

– V…. , Mumbai


Edmonton Hermosa Ciudad

Amistosa, entre montañas y rios

Dejo mi corazón de nuevo

Como lo deje hace once años.

Edmonton, amoroso desde lejos

Hoy solo te digo, hasta luego.

– M. P.


I was born in Hungary, my home land. I came to Canada in 1957. We called this land the No Man’s Land. Looking at it now, you would not recognise it. I did not know that there are so many nations and cultures could live under one National Flag. I am proud and happy. I have found this land, Canada.

– Alex Vincza, Spruce Grove



Hozzon az uj eu orombol vegteleut szeretetbol enzetlent sikerekben vegetelent

Boldog uj evet mindenkinek!



Nous avons un maire très “malade” pour defaire le centreville pour bâtir un “arena” au centreville c’est tout simplement un batiment comme un elephant blanc qui va etre besez a peut près “80” jours par année c’est poufant pour le centreville.

– Gilles Malmaison, 40 ans a Edmonton

Vous allez attiré beaucoup de touris au centreville pour voir l’elephant blanc.


Our first visit to Canada at Christmas (visiting family in Edmonton) from the UK. Christmas is a time for family, friends, peace and reflection. Edmonton is a lovely place for all those things. – Jen and Les Stenton


Edmonton is a beautiful place to go to!

Love, Daphne Choong! from Calgary!


Cuando el amor hace estacion

En la sala de tu corazón

Las grados que llevan

A la infinito brillan de lejos

Haciendote saber, que una esperanza

Nacio y que el encanto que tus ojos

Miraron esta noche

No pasara vacante

En este año nuevo

A pesar de estar far away from home

Y con nadie de mi familia y amigos,

Aqui en el hall city de edmonton

Celebrare un año nuevo muy feliz

Y lleno de ilusiones.

– From Honduras, Marvin Antonio Mejia


What a wonderful city! Carmen from Saskatchewan


Here I see a poem catcher

Pity I’m not a good writer

Glad coming up is a new year

This is when I work harder.

(in Chinese)

Wish people around the world can share the same pretty moonlight.



This is my second visit to Edmonton. I live in Sweden. I enjoy two weeks your town. Thank you for Canadian hospitality.

-Mrs. Mimarogw(?)

Even husband was here. – Sijan Mimarogw


Nous avons un Noire Majeure. Très intellignet defaire le centreville qui est magnifique pour batir un aréna pour attiré le tourises en ville. Il faut êtres perdu pour pensé a une pareille chose.

– Marcel Theriault



Feliz Año Nuevo a esta gran ciudad que ahora es nuestra hogar.

Saludos de Anthony y Rebeca de El Salvador

“Viva Canada” (with Happy Face here)


We really like what we see.

Varapern Abday family, Thailand

Follow your heart, that’s me! Love planet Earth.

ให้รักแผ่นดินโลก – insert Thai phrase here. ‘let’s love planet earth.’


“Poema a la Madre”

Madrecita pobre y buena,

Que en silencio me formaste …

Tus inmensos sacrificios no comprendo todavia,

Sólo sé que vas viviendo de trabajos madre mia.

Madrecita yo por eso quiero ser trabajado,

A tu lado por tu vida madre mia quiero ser, tu

Luchador … por tu vida y por la mia eso ha

De ser mi honor …

Att. Frank Gonzalez, Spanish/Mexican, Jan 23rd, 2012


Greetings from Singapore! Kevin (Longxhi) (with flower picture)


De Toluca Estado Mexico

Fabuloso recuerdo de este Palacio Municipal –


L’endroit dans les plaines où en retrouve la famille de mon beau Ralph. L’amour de ma vie.

Merci, Edmonton, Judith


Laurette Bernard, Québec

Belle visite à Edmonton très belle place à visiter.


La Edmonton que yo ví


Incluye una serena ciudad

Con parques abiertos al público

De tardes calmadas y lentas

De noches frías y agitadas

Con monumentos históricas sobrios

De un rio indescifrable

De una población heterogénea

Que aparentemente se tolera y respeta

De una arquitectura naciente

Donde las edificaciones van

Creciendo al ritmo de so desarrollo.

Para tí Edmonton

– JV


I came from Hong Kong in 1977, lived in Edmonton for 35 years. This is a beautiful city to live. Summer is so full of fun and energy. Autumn passes by fast. Winter in the hope of seeing the arrival of spring. Spring is full of hope. And beautiful summer will arrive soon. Life is full of hope in Edmonton!



Renia from Poland



A fast rising city of dreams

Hearing people’s aspiration that flows like stream

Living life here something you’ll never think

Oh Edmonton thank you’re here! – Maria Luz, Philippines


When I think of Edmonton, I think of diversity! – Maureen, Chicago


And I will remember seeing friends I have not seen in forty years! Thanks Edmonton! – Bob, Chicago


Hello, Edmonton! Happy Birthday to you!

City Hall’s B’day Ceremony is my first experience – with architecture – wow! So cute idea you are.

I think now live in here – for a while

But not sure yet. Here’s good place to live I don’t know yet. Tell me more good spot. Please.

The Village of the Fringe!

EIFF (Edmononton International Film Festival) is awesome! – Anais Kim, Korea


Wonderful Experience

– Vocational Group Rotary Exchange, Wellington, NZ.


Les sanglots long

Des violons de l’automne

Blesse mon coeur d’une

Langeuer monotonne – Paul Verlaine


Pour mettre fin à la souffrance

Il nous faudrait une nouvelle terme

C’est pourquoi je cherche un nouvel


L’odeur de sang est toujours présente

Et m’oppresse

Comme cet voix qui pleure sans cesse.

– Colin Ménis, Dijon France



People wrote messages in many languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, German, Hungarian, Polish, Cree, Tagalog, Hindi, Gujarati …


City Hall, our Public Home.

All My Relations.




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 14:18:30

    Where can I find the whole poem for “poema para la madre”?


  2. gisellemunoz
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 16:59:07

    Thank you! It would be the world to me if I can find the original poem. My dad plans to sketch it on glass for his mom.


    • prairiepomes
      Apr 15, 2015 @ 12:49:21

      Well, i’ve looked back through the originals, and the attribution i have is as posted on the site, ‘Frank Gonzales’- and that is the entirety of what he wrote. Now, i am curious, too!
      Who is Frank Gonzales? Is this his original? Is there more to this poem? Anyone who can shed some light?


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